Make a Birthday Extraordinary With Sydney Cocktail Hire

When you have a loved one with an upcoming birthday, you’ll want to make them feel special. Especially important on “milestone” birthdays, there are many ways to make a birthday celebration ever better. If a friend, family member, or partner is facing a 21st, 25th, 30th, 40th, or other milestone birthday, you may want to consider including professional Sydney cocktail hire for the big event. With professionals taking care of the spirits, you can focus your energies on enjoying the celebration.

There are many options in selecting the right solution for your cocktail needs. One popular option is a machine, which serves up tasty frozen cocktails for guests. This Sydney cocktail hire solution makes it easy to keep everyone at the party happy without dealing with the added expense of hiring bartenders to make drinks. No matter what birthday is approaching, a 1300Cocktail Machine could be the perfect way to celebrate.

When you make 1300Cocktail your choice for Sydney cocktail hire, you’ll find many options on the cocktail list. Each machine can be filled with two 12-litre containers. Some of the favourite cocktails on the list include:

  • Allussion
  • Blue Hawaii
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Caribbean Pineapple
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Hurricane
  • Lemon Cruise
  • Midori Colada
  • And Many Others

Make the next milestone even more memorable with the ideal solution for your party planning needs. 1300Cocktail gives you the simplest way of keeping your party guests and the guest of honour happy.

When you’re ready to start planning your next celebration, 1300Cocktail can help. The 1300Cocktail Machine is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, fundraisers, corporate functions, office parties, and many other occasions. Enjoy tasty frozen cocktails with or without alcohol. Find your way to the most cost effective solution to your Sydney cocktail hire needs.

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