How it Works - 1300 Cocktail

Who does what?

1300Cocktail™ have prepared this page to clarify who does what during the hire. We have also included our definition of “a short time” with regard to the 1300Cocktail™ reaching it’s required operating temperature.

What we supply

In simple terms we supply (deliver and install);

  • 1 x 1300Cocktail™ machine
  • your choice of cocktail flavours
  • 1 x 1 mtr power lead

What you supply

You will be required to supply;

  • 1 x Earthed electricity power outlet (10 amp, 240v)
  • any electricity extention lead(s) if required (10 amp, 240v)
  • drinking glasses
  • alcohol if required

The Australian standard for domestic power outlets is 10 amps and 240 volts.

After your function

Prior to the collection of the 1300Cocktail™ machine you will be required to:

  • turn off the 1300Cocktail™ machine
  • empty the remaining contents from the 1300Cocktail™ machine
  • dispose of that contents
  • For health reasons, any unused cocktail flavourings and the measuring device are owned by, and disposed of, by you.

A short time?

By a short time we mean, about 40 minutes from the time the ingredients were added and the 1300Cocktail™ machine was plugged in and turned on. The time was determined using the 1300Cocktail™ machine indoors, with the ingrediants at room temperature and an ambient air temperature of 22c.

The time required to reach operating temperature varies depending on environmental conditions that exist at your function. These include, by are not limited to;

  • air temperature
  • hot wind or strong hot draughts
  • strong sunlight directly on the 1300Cocktail™ machine
  • temperature of the ingrediants when added

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