Our Delivery area

We can deliver a 1300Cocktail™ machine to almost any location, across the length and width of Sydney. We have listed the boundaries of our delivery area below:

  • Hawksberry River in the north
  • Northern border of the Newport shopping precint
  • Ocean in the east
  • Waterfall in the south
  • Campbelltown in the south west
  • Katoomba in the west
  • Eastern border of Forest Glen in the north west

Delivery policy

The design of a 1300Cocktail™ machine allows it to be delivered and operated almost anywhere. Some deliveries require the use of specialised lifting devices, and require advance notice.

1300Cocktail™ has prepared a delivery access policy in order to assist us in delivering the much anticipated 1300Cocktail™ machine and/or Digijuke® jukebox to your location. To see our delivery access policy page click here.

There are unfortunately some locations that are simply inaccessible for our delivery staff.

Tell me more

If the location you require the 1300Cocktail™ machine to be delivered, is within the area listed above, and our delivery access policy is suitable, please contact us for a no obligation and free quote.

To see our contact details now, click here.

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