Delivery Access Policy

We have prepared a delivery access policy, in order to assist 1300Cocktail™, in delivering a 1300Cocktail™ machine, or Digijuke® jukebox to your function.

You can be assured, we will do our best, to deliver the 1300Cocktail™ machine, and/or jukebox to your function. While doing so, we are obliged to, and must comply with, Work Cover and other statutory regulations.

Thank you for understanding.

Our delivery area

At 1300Cocktail™, we can deliver a 1300Cocktail™ machine and/or jukebox to almost any location, across the length and width of our delivery area. We have listed the boundaries of our delivery area below:

  • Hawksberry River in the north
  • Northern border of Newport shopping precinct
  • Waterline in the East
  • Waterfall in the south
  • Campbelltown in the south west
  • Katoomba in the west
  • Eastern border of Forest Glen in the north west

Standard delivery

At 1300Cocktail™ a standard delivery has:

  • Street parking for a small truck within 50mtrs or a loading dock
  • A sealed or well packed walkway at least 700mm wide
  • Flat or slight grades up or down along the entire delivery walkway
  • 8 standard steps in a straight line, 700mm wide, up or down
  • A lift with a capacity greater than 110kg if possible
  • Doorways with 600 mm openings between the open facing of the door and the inside of the opposite frame

You must read this

If your location does not meet the standard delivery criteria, then YOU MUST TELL US, prior to placing your booking. Should you have the slightest doubt, or you, or any delivery person, have experienced difficulty completing a delivery, to the location you require the 1300Cocktail™ machine, and/or jukebox tell us at the time of booking.

The disclosure of a situation or doubt will ensure you are quoted, the correct price, and that we send, the appropriate vehicle, jukebox and/or lifting device for the job. Rarely will any extra cost be incurred.

  • Our trucks will not enter domestic residential driveways
  • Steps that change direction without a landing or have a small landing may be unsuitable
  • We will not remove the 1300Cocktail™ machine or jukebox from the delivery trolley and carry it
  • We will not allow you to assist in delivering the 1300Cocktail™ machine or jukebox
  • We do not contact venues on your behalf to obtain stair numbers or dimensions etc
  • Be assured we will do our best to assist you

The final decision regarding the ability of 1300Cocktail™ to complete a delivery rests with 1300Cocktail™.

Unfortunately, failure by you, to inform 1300Cocktail™, of any variance from a standard delivery, may result in 1300Cocktail™, being unable to deliver the jukebox, and/or 1300Cocktail™ machine, to your function.

And that would never do.

Large Commercial and High Rise Buildings

Many large commercial and high rise buildings have specific requirements for deliveries. These often include entry and departure points, restricted delivery times, non use of regular building access or elevators, and strict security policies.

Due to recent world events, many buildings now require our staff to be escorted by a member of your staff or a security officer, during the delivery and collection of the 1300Cocktail™ machine. This may require your staff member to enter and traverse, an area of the building of which they are unfamiliar.

You will be required to answer several questions regarding your building, prior to booking the 1300Cocktail™ machine for your function.

Your building manager or security staff can often answer all of the following;

Loading Docks

These are often busy and complex area’s of a building, and in some instances require appointments to use them. We will ask you the following regarding your loading dock;

  • name of the street used to enter the loading dock
  • maximum height of the loading dock
  • times we may enter the loading dock
  • person in charge of the loading dock, and how do we contact them (intercom at top of driveway etc)

Goods Elevators

Most large commercial and high rise building have a designated goods elevator. We will ask you the following regarding your goods elevator.

  • location of a goods elevator, on the loading dock etc, that travels to the required floor
  • is the use of a security card etc. required during the hours we will need access
  • goods elevator availability at the required delivery times (may need to book it)
  • person escorting the jukebox delivery has the appropriate security access and is familiar with the route to be traveled.

Road Closures and Special Events

Access to some area’s, and parking, may be affected during special events, such as;

  • New Years Eve
  • Australia Day
  • Anzac Day
  • Parades
  • or other events which may occur from time to time.

YOU MUST, ensure that our vehicles, can gain access, or will be granted access, to the delivery area of your function, before you place your booking, or at anytime up to the actual delivery.

It may require that 1300Cocktail™, deliver and/or leave the 1300Cocktail™ machine at your function for an extended period. We are flexible in this regard. You can be assured we will do our best to assist you.

Unfortunately, failure by you, to ensure access, may result in 1300Cocktail™, being unable to deliver the 1300Cocktail™ machine to your function.

And that would never do.

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