The Mocktail list

We have given each 1300Cocktail™ Mocktail an individual code, e.g. (B3). Please quote this code when placing your order. The colour of the each cocktail is also included, e.g. (Pink).

The quantity

The 1300Cocktail™ machine is fitted with 2 x containers, each holding 12 litres of mix.

If you require more than 24 litres cocktails, we can supply the appropriate amount of 1300Cocktail Mix™, this of course incurrs an extra cost.


  • Blue lemonade (B3)
  • Cola (C2)
  • Raspberry (R1)
  • Tropical (T3)
  • Orange crush (S1)
  • Pineapple crush (P3)
  • Raspberry ice (R1)
  • Fruit tingle (F1)

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